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Reception Class Home Learning ~ 

Week Beginning: Monday 21st June 2021

 Hello Reception Class! 

Please see a selection of activities below that we hope will support your learning at home during this week...



We would normally take part in our Music lesson on a Thursday, so Mr Hawkins has very kindly provided the lesson below for you to enjoy and take part in at home:


Music Lesson with Mr Hawkins - Thursday 24th June 2021


 The following video will help you to practice reading and saying our sounds correctly.  We are currently focusing upon Set 1 and Set 2 sounds:

Phonics Video

Look out for some Phonics Videos that we will be sending you by email to support your learning further this week...


A Phonics Challenge from Mrs Molloy ~ Friday 25th June 2021

 Today Mrs Molloy is going to help you to explore and read words that contain the Set 2 Sound, 'oo'.


A Phonics Challenge from Mrs Molloy ~ Thursday 24th June 2021

 Today Mrs Molloy is going to help you to explore and read words that contain the Set 2 Sound, 'ow'.


A Phonics Challenge from Mrs Molloy ~ Wednesday 23rd June 2021

 Today Mrs Molloy is going to help you to explore and read words that contain the Set 2 Sound, 'igh'.


A Phonics Challenge from Mrs Molloy ~ Tuesday 22nd June 2021

 Today Mrs Molloy is going to help you to explore and read words that contain the Set 2 Sound, 'ee'.



A Phonics Challenge from Mrs Molloy ~ Monday 21st June 2021

 Today Mrs Molloy is going to help you to explore and read words that contain the Set 2 Sound, 'ay'.

(Look out for a video from Mrs Molloy that will be emailed to you to further support you with your Phonics work...)






A Phonics Challenge from Mrs Ryan

Practice reading and writing the digraphs that we have revisited and focused upon during the first part of this half term...

ay             ee           igh           ow          oo        oo  

ar         or       air      ir    



English / Topic

We are learning about the continent of Africa as part of our current Topic and we have started to find out about African animals.

June 21st is World Giraffe Day, so this week provides us with the perfect opportunity to find out more about this African animal!

With some help from an adult at home, see what information you can find out about Giraffes.

Try to record any interesting facts that you find out to create your own Giraffe Fact Sheet...

For example, you may like to find out...

In which countries  do Giraffes live?

What do Giraffes eat?

How fast can Giraffes move?

Giraffe - Wikipedia                                     You could draw or paint your own pictures of Giraffes!    



                           These online sources could be useful when you are completing your research about Giraffes...

National Geographic Kids ~ National Geographic Kids

Sheldrick Wildlife Trust ~ Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

Giraffe Conservation Foundation ~ Giraffe Conservation Foundation




Please visit: to find video clips and resources to support your child's Maths learning.


We are currently exploring the unit, 'Find my Pattern' and last week we focused upon Halving and Sharing.  This week, we return to exploring numbers.


Follow this link to take you to the 'Find my Pattern - Week 3' page, where you will find lots of video clips and activities to help you to continue to explore Odd and Even Numbers at home: 


Find my Pattern, Week 3, Session 1 Activity ~ Session 1 Activity


Find my Pattern, Week 3, Session 2 Activity ~ Session 2 Activity


Find my Pattern, Week 3, Session 3 Activity ~ Session 3 Activity


Find my Pattern, Week 3, Session 4 Activity ~ Session 4 Activity


Find my Pattern, Week 3, Session 5 Activity ~ Session 5 Activity



A Maths Challenge from Mrs Ward 

Last week we started to think about times when we use our maths knowledge and skills in our daily lives and we took part in 'My Money Week'.


My Money Week - Young Enterprise & Young Money


Can you continue to explore money at home this week and complete the challenges that Mrs Ward has set you below?

We would love to see photographs of you exploring Money during this week!




Draw your own purse and see if you can solve some problems involving Money...


Each purse needs to contain 5p.  

Can you use coins to find the different ways to make this total?  What coins did you use?

Draw more purses and try to make different amounts using combinations of coins.

Can you make 10p, 20p, 50p...






We are currently completing the unit, 'People Who Help Us'. 


Father's Day was celebrated at the weekend and this is a special day when we remember special people in our family who help us. 

These people may be your Dad, Mum, Brother, Sister, Grandpa, Grandma, Auntie, Uncle...    


RE Activity One


Write a prayer of thanks for somebody special in your life who helps you.

You can record your prayer intentions using words and pictures.

Mrs Ryan has provided you with a template and some ideas below that you could use to help you when writing your prayer...                   


                                                                                                                                                   Dear Lord,


Thank you for my..... Dad/Mum/Sister/Brother.


They help me to.... do my homework, ride my bike, feel happy.


Please help me to show love and care for them too.




RE Activity Two


You could also make the special person that you have chosen a 'Thank You' card to let them know that you are thinking of them during this week...




RE Activity Three

We have lots of opportunities to show love and care to other people.  


The first two activities that we have explored this week are already examples of this! 

Praying for somebody and making them a card are fantastic ways that we can show love and care for others.

When we show love and care for others, we are trying to follow Jesus.

Can you record ways that you show love and care towards other people?

This could be at home, in school, in your Parish...


Record your ideas using words and drawings.

You could record your ideas on a piece of paper or inside your exercise book, inside the outline of a heart...

We would really like to hear and share your ideas when we return to school.   

Heart outline by spacefem | Heart shapes template, Heart coloring pages,  Heart clip art


This is Mrs Ryan's example to help you...


We are currently exploring our Topic, 'Step Up to the Podium'. 

We will be finding out more about the Olympic Games and thinking carefully about how athletes may prepare for taking part in this very special event.


When we return to school, we will be learning more about healthy food choices and we will make our own fruit smoothies!


Can you think about what healthy food choices you like to make?  What might an athlete eat as they prepare to take part in a sporting event?

Draw and label some of your favourite healthy foods...


Place mat template | Printable placemat, Placemats, Placemats kids





 As we are continuing to explore African animals as part of our Topic work, can you explore the different ways that animals move?

You could try walking tall, on your tiptoes, thinking about a Giraffe!

You could complete large, stomping movements, thinking about an Elephant!

You could slither along the floor on your tummy, thinking about a Snake!


Think carefully about all of the different parts of your body that you could use to complete these movements...