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School Games AT HOME VIRTUAL Challenge (PE)

 collection of ongoing challenges linked to the School Games are being developed by the Birmingham School Games Organisers (SGO) and Sport Birmingham. You will be able to find these challenges on the Birmingham’s Personal Challenge portal (

The School Games is a National Initiative open to any young person. It forms part of the legacy work after the London 2012 Olympics and is an opportunity for young people to play, compete, and represent their school in a wide range of sports and activities.

Anyone can have a go at a challenge, but you must be between 4-16 year’s old to submit results and attend a Birmingham Educational Institution. We strongly encourage parents/carers to get involved in supporting their child with their challenges too.

Here’s some tips to get you started;

  • Every child can submit multiple results per challenge (depending on the challenge) so why not try and beat you own personal best?
  • There will be prizes for individuals who finish in the top 5 for each challenge. Once a challenge has been completed, and if you are in the top 5 you will receive a virtual School Games Value Badge that was assigned for that challenge. Once school has resumed, and it is safe to do so, your SGO can award a real badge.
  • You can find out more about your SGO hub site, Sport Birmingham and the School Games by clicking on any of School logos at the bottom of the SGO Challenge page. You will need to register to find out who your SGO is if you don’t know already.If you registered over the summer, then you can use the same log in details.

Birmingham School Games Challenge Portal - End User Guide (FOR PARENTS)


Autumn Term Virtual Challenges Virtual Basketball Challenges Virtual Football Challenges

For these challenges you need to create a log in as described above on the SGO Challenge Page and submit your results. 

Panathalon Challenges

Start: 1st October

End: 11th December 

  • Loopy Basketball
  • Direct Hit
  • Messi Football
  • Flip It

Athletics Challenges

Start: 1st October

End: 23rd October

  • Chest Push
  • 5 Strides
  • Sprint Shuttle
  • Speed Drive












































This activity will be completed during break/lunch times or in PE lessons. However, you can practice the skills at home so you can record the best score you can. 

Challenge 1 - High pace Lay-up

  • Two cones set up 5 metres away from the basket on the left and right side.
  • Start from any side, dribble towards the basket and Lay up. Catch your own rebound and go back to the opposite side and continue.
  • 2 points for each basket.
  • Attempt 10 lay ups, 5 from each side.Challenge 2- Ball Mastery


  • This has 3, 30 second challenges involved.
  • 1st movement is to move to ball around one leg for 30 seconds.
  • 2nd movement is to pass the ball around your waist continuously for 30 seconds
  • 3rd movement is to pass the ball in and out of both legs making a figure of 8 pattern for 30 seconds.
  • 1 point for each complete rotation of the ball around the leg, body or legs
  • If the ball is dropped at any time during a movement collect the ball as quickly as possible and continue counting from where you left off.
  • Leader required to keep score.

Challenge 3 – Dribble Slalom

  • Set up 6 cones in a straight line with a metre gap in-between each cone.
  • The player then has 1 minute to dribble in and out of the cones.
  • 2 points are awarded for every time the player gets through a set of 6 cones.
  • Leader to keep score.

Challenge 4 – Partner Pass

  • 2 players using 1 ball
  • Standing approximately 4 metres apart, both players are to pass and receive the ball from each other using chest and bounce passes.
  • How many passes can you complete in 90 second’s.
  • 1 point for each successful pass
  • Each time the ball is dropped, or the pass is not collected, the point will not be added to the score.
  • Leader to keep score.

This activity will be completed during break/lunch times or in PE lessons. However, you can practice the skills at home so you can record the best score you can. 

Challenge 1 - Figure of 8:

  • Using 2 cones 4m apart
  •  One at a time player’s start at cone 1 and travel with the ball to and around cone 2 and back in a figure of 8 motion.
  • How many times can you go around both cones in 1 minute?


Challenge 2 – 60 second Passing

  • 2 player’s stand 5m apart
  • Using one ball, each player passes to each other using the inside foot pass and as many touches that are needed to control the ball.
  • How many successful passes can be completed within 1 minute.
  •  Challenge – to limited number of touches to 2 or 1 touch passes.

Challenge 3 - Shooting accuracy

  • 5 balls and 3 cones set up 15 feet from goal which is (5m wide) and 2 cones in the goal 1m away from either goal post.
  • Dribble in and out of the cone’s then shoot towards a goal to score.
  •  You will gain 1 point for shooting in the middle of the goal and 3 points for scoring in the corners (between the goalposts and cones).


Challenge 4 - Dribble relay

  •  6 cones set up in a straight line with a 2-foot gap in between each cone.
  • 4 players to start at the same end of the relay run.
  • Player 1 starts with the ball at the start line and dribbles in and out of the cones and back to Player 2 who then does the same.
  • The team has 2 minutes to complete as many relay dribbles as possible
  • Record the total relays that the team completes in 2 minutes. 


We have been awarded the @YourSchoolGames
virtual certificate for supporting, engaging and committing to the online/virtual activity programme.

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