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Great Science Share (16 June)

A day to celebrate all of the questions and discoveries you’ve made during this year’s Great Science Share.  

Have a science-filled day! Share some science that you’ve enjoyed - it could be something you did at school, at home or have seen. Make sure you tweet us what science you are doing to @stannespri and tag in @GreatSchiShare and use the #GreatSciShare 

You can check back on some of our great activity shares over the last month here.



Are you a Super Scientist? 

Brand new for 2020 - The Great Science Share have partnered with the awesome kids’ science magazine Whizz Pop Bang so that you can commemorate the 2020 Great Science Share! Receive your FREE enamel Super Scientist pin badge by sharing the science that has fascinated you using this form.  To apply you will need to complete the form and submit it to us.  

You can choose from either: 

1 / Download the Write/draw form - print the form and write or draw onto it. 


2/ Download the Type form - write onto the form directly on your computer. 

Go to and click on the “Upload your form” button to submit your form. 


IT’S great science shares 5TH BIRTHDAY!


Whilst you’re sharing science, so are they … join them for all or some of these great science shares!

Activities on the day 

Visit on Tuesday 16th June for all the live links to the talks, videos and activities for the day. This how the schedule looks: 

9:30am- Live Welcome, get the day started with Whizz, Pop, Bang on Youtube. 

10am- Dr Chips hosts a Live visit to the farm with Farmer Tom - who’ll be answering some of your questions! 

10:30am- Live Twitter chat with James Beswick.  

11am- Live Twitter chat with Dr Sheila Kanani.  

12:30am- Live lesson with Science Sparks. You will need these resources ready for the live lesson:  Small plastic toys frozen into ice cube trays or small containers, Ice frozen in a tray (a small baking tray is ideal), Paint, A Plastic milk bottle, Paper of different types from your recycling, Sticky tape.  

1:30pm- Live Twitter chat with Holly, STEM Ambassador. 

2pm- Live lesson with Mrs Pottle. 

3pm- Live round up.