St Anne's Catholic Primary School

achieving excellence in all our God given talents

Lowe Street, Birmingham, West Midlands, B12 0ER

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Our Learning

Your child is about to embark upon their own individual learning journey and each day they will be completing a wide range of activities that will help them to develop their skills and work towards achieving the Early Learning Goals:

Each of the seven areas are subdivided into different aspects:

  • Communication and Language: Listening, attention and understanding; and speaking
  • Physical Development: Gross motor skills; and Fine motor skills
  • Personal, social and emotional development: Self-regulation; Managing Self; and Building Relationships
  • Literacy: Word Reading; Comprehension; Word Reading; and Writing
  • Mathematics: Number; and Numerical Patterns
  • Understanding the World: Past and Present; People, Culture and Communities; and The Natural World
  • Expressive Arts and Design: Creating with materials; and Being Imaginative and Expressive


Progress though Reception is also set out in four stages: expectation at the end of nursery; expectation at the end of the autumn term; expectation at the end of the spring term and finally, the early learning goal at the end of Reception.  The early learning goals are set out below:



Autumn 2 - Our Second topic is 'Christmas Helpers'

Autumn 2 - Our First topic is 'Superheroes'

Autumn 1 - Our Second topic is 'The Seasons'

Autumn 1 - Our first topic is 'All About Me'