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After-school Clubs are provided by a combination of staff and mostly led by our Learning Mentors. However, we have used outside organisations, where appropriate, to enhance pupils experiences. For example Music2You, Aston Villa FC, Birmingham City Ladies, The Bugs Group and Toddler Tennis.

Our clubs are very popular and a small fee is sometimes charged for clubs. The selection of clubs available change on a termly basis.

Later on this page you can see details of some of the clubs we have run in the past, which also include Code Club, Cookery, Gymnastics, Drama and Learning Support (for Year 6 children).

Key Reasons for Running After School Clubs at St Anne’s

  • Easier access for parents and pupils. Our clubs are affordable, easy to access and pupils are familiar with the staff running most of the clubs and the surroundings.
  • Increased opportunity for pupils to develop their skills to participate in competitive sport, interschool competitions and events.
  • To support the pupils in completing an hour of exercise a day, with 30 minutes of exercise in school through a range of activities.
  • Gain an enjoyment in physical activity and develop their skills and passions for particular sports to continue throughout their lives.
  • To develop a better understanding of how to have a healthy lifestyle.
  • To support pupils in becoming a whole person by developing their social skills, communication skills, team work, resilience, perseverance and confidence which can then transfer into other situations including the classroom and playground environment.


Pupil Quotes

  • "I go to clubs because it prepares me for PE and future tournaments In KS2. I am now feeling better working within teams." Year 2 pupil
  • "By attending a tournament I was able to develop my football skills. I encourage myself now to play with my cousins and sister." Year 3 pupil
  • "Cricket is so much fun and helps me to communicate better." Year 3 pupil
  • "I am worried about going to a tournament but the staff are giving me the belief to believe in myself." Year 4 pupil
  • "Chess helps me to use my brain and think of different tactics to use." Year 4 pupil
  • "Attending clubs in school are easier for me because I know the school and the children. Through attending clubs it gives me a chance to improve and earn a place on tournaments." Year 6 pupil

Art Club

Children from Year 2, 3 and 4 can attend Art Club, they enjoy using a variety of materials to complete paintings, collages, sketches. The children are developing their artistic skills and creating some lovely pieces of work.

Lots of concentration is needed when making a decorative plate

Painting our own sunflowers, inspired by the work of Vincent Van Gough.

Using oil pastels to create pictures in the style of L.S. Lowry.

Still life sketching using flowers.

Athletics Club for Key Stage 1

Pupils from Key Stage 1 meet on a Thursday afternoon for an athletics club where we developing our running, jumping and throwing skills. The children also get to participate in a range of Olympic events including hurdling, javelin and long jump.

Eat Well, Move More, Live Longer. Change4Life is a society-wide movement that aims to encourage people to eat better and move more. At our Change4Life sports club we are looking to develop an enjoyment of physical activity, gain confidence and look at different ways we can live a healthier lifestyle.

Anybody can get involved with living a healthier lifestyle with free access to information, recipes, activities and healthy lunchbox ideas through the Change4Lifewebsite (external link).

"Change4Life helps me to learn about new sports and helps me to feel healthy." - Dina

"I enjoy Change4Life because we learn new activities and I am able to enjoy myself." - Lamin


Every Wednesday Key Stage 2 practice singing as a choir with Mr Cheung.

They love learning lots of different songs.






The choir in fine voice.

Computer Club

In Computer Club, we develop our computing skills and knowledge in a fun environment and use a variety of educational and computer based programmes. We have lots of fun creating superheroes, hideouts and stories but also using Education City.

Working within a team to solve Education City questions.

Participating in independent activities on Education City.

A superhero hideout created using Paint.

Creating our own superhero stories

Dodgeball Club

Dodgeball is a quick tempo team sport. In Dodgeball Club we learn the techniques and skills through fun enjoyable games. Participating in Dodgeball helps improve our physical attributes such as speed, co-ordination, power and agility but we also have to work within a team and communicate effectively.

Practising short and long distance throwing.

Dodgeball is a team sport.

Football Club

Representatives from Evolve lead our after school Football Club. Our sessions are really fun. We learn how to play as part of a team and improve our skills too. We play lots of rapid team games and we find out about the different roles within a football team.

Football clubs are very popular as the pupils are often offered opportunities to participate in fixtures through our Birmingham Catholic Schools Partnership and with other Evolve Project Hero schools.

Guitar Club

Every Wednesday, Key Stage 2 children are given the opportunity to learn how to play guitar with Mr Trigg.

Learning how to pluck the strings very carefully.

Playing together as a group.

Gymnastics Club

Gymnastics provides an excellent foundation for many sports by helping children to develop agility, balance and coordination. Our pupils have been putting together individual and group routines to music using various balances, shapes and movements.

Handball Club

In Handball Club pupils have enjoyed learning various skills, learning how to develop tactics and playing by the rules, but most importantly how to work together as a teams.

Multi-Skills Club

Multi-Skills Club is a challenging and an enjoyable starting point for Key Stage 1 children's involvement in sports.

Sessions include a wide variety of games and activities, all involving the development of skills and attributes that can be applied to a range of sports and physical activities that a child may subsequently choose to participate in.

We do some super fun activities.

Demonstrating travelling and dribbling skills in football, hockey, rugby and basketball.

Safety During After-School Clubs

Does your child attend an after-school club elsewhere?

It is important that you check that any sports club or activity that your child attends has your child’s safety as its priority. Even if the club seems professional, there are four key questions that you should ask to make sure that they have all the necessary safeguarding measures in place:

Can I see your safeguarding policy? - A good organisation or club should have up-to-date safeguarding procedures in place and be happy to show you copies.

Who is your Welfare Officer? - The club should have a designated Welfare Officer who is responsible for dealing with any safeguarding concerns that may arise.

Do you follow safer recruitment procedures? - Every organisation providing sporting activities to young people must ensure they have the correct recruitment processes in place which includes interviews, references and have undertaken the appropriate police checks for their volunteers and staff.

How do you promote the welfare of children and young people? - The club should be able to demonstrate how they actively promote safeguarding. This includes listening and responding to the views of children and young people.

Don’t be afraid to question. A good and professional organisation will already have procedures in place and will welcome the chance to demonstrate that they are providing a safe environment for your child.

Read more advice from the NSPCC Child Protection in Sports (external link).