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Music is a powerful, unique form of communication that can change the way we feel, think and act. It transcends different cultures, abilities and generations – stimulating responses on both emotional and intellectual levels. It allows opportunity for personal expression and plays an important part in the personal development of an individual. At St. Anne’s, we are a mission team working together to create a space where pupils can grow an awareness of their precious gifts from God to share with others. Therefore, through our Music Curriculum, we encourage children to develop their musical gifts and talents whilst gaining an understanding of how listening to, creating and performing music can be a moving and spiritual experience. Our Music curriculum aims to promote the enthusiasm for, and the enjoyment of, music in all its forms.  

     It is our intent that children leave St Anne’s with  

  1. A well-developed experience of a range of musical cultures and genres. 
  2. Opportunities in basic musical instruction, so that they can compose and perform their own music.  
  3. The opportunity to learn an instrument and experience playing different musical instruments 
  4. The ability to reflect on, analyse and critically evaluate their own work and that of others. 
  5. An excellent understanding of how musical provenance - the historical, social and cultural origins of music - contributes to the diversity of musical styles 

The ability to give precise written and verbal explanations, using musical terminology effectively, accurately and appropriately Rationale for Curriculum Design at Saint Anne’s  

Music is taught as a discrete subject, however meaningful links are made to the topic where possible. Music lessons are delivered by specialist teachers enabling our children access to consistently high-quality teaching. Throughout the year, there are various whole school music events. This is in recognition, of the interconnectedness of our world and school community highlighting, recognising and valuing the diversity of the school community and creativity that all children have. We encourage children to participate in a variety of musical experiences through which they can acquire a love of music and their talent as musicians. In turn, children develop their self-confidence, creativity and sense of identity. 

Sing Praises to the Lord!

God created us with the ability to sing and make music. Music is an important part of worship and praise to God, so it only seems fitting that bible verses about music can be found throughout scripture. 


Shout for joy to the LORD, all the earth, burst into jubilant song with music; make music to the LORD with the harp, with the harp and the sound of singing, with trumpets and the blast of the ram’s horn— shout for joy before the LORD, the King. (Psalms 98:4-6)


A snippet of a fantastic piano solo Anson Year 6

Equality of Provision and Inclusion 

At St Anne’s, we ensure equality of provision by providing all children with access to a high-quality music education which helps them to develop their knowledge and skills. It is important to us that all children have the opportunity to learn a musical instrument and to take part in a range of performances throughout their school life. Music lessons are carefully planned to manage the written communication aspects of music − such as the use of symbols − by using colour codes, multi-sensory reinforcement, and a greater emphasis on aural memory skills. Therefore, our music curriculum is accessible for all children, despite their starting points.  


SMSC and Rights Respecting in Music 

Spiritual development: At St Anne’s, Christ is at the centre and music forms an integral part of the spiritual life of the school. Children have several opportunities to experience music through hymns and worship. Children are encouraged to explore and express their emotions through music and we nurture the confidence to do so by creating a supportive and caring environment. Pupils have the opportunity to listen to, and participate in, performances for the school and wider community including events to raise money for charity and visits to residential homes. 

Moral development: We encourage children to engage in critical discussions of musical performances and where there is a specific cultural or social reference that is explicit in the work examined, we support pupils to reflect upon this. When pupils perform, we ensure fair and objective assessment and evaluation of their work. 

Social development: Children engage in collaborative group tasks which builds a sense of unity and leads to them addressing their individual abilities and strengths. There are numerous opportunities for the children to compose and perform as an ensemble using their voices and instruments. 

Cultural development: The resources and musical examples chosen encourage a respect and deep appreciation for cultures around the world that have contributed to the development of our current popular musical styles.  


Article 29 Education must develop every child’s personality, talents and abilities to the full. It must encourage the child’s respect for 

human rights, as well as respect for their parents, their own and other cultures, and the environment. 

Article 31 Every child has the right to relax, play and take part in a wide range of cultural and artistic activities. 


Reading in Music 

Children learn to read and understand musical notation. Through listening and appraising, children explore the meaning of lyrics in song, rhyme and poetry. 

Music is an art form that doesn't need to be explained. It needs to be performed; It needs to be felt; it needs to be listened to; it needs to progress.  

(Roberta Flack)

St. Anne’s School Choir

Our choir rehearses every Thursday with Mr Hawkins. They perform in Masses, concerts, competitions and out in the local community.

Listen to the beautiful voices of our choir singing ‘Consider Yourself’ from Oliver and ‘Why we Sing’.

Consider Yourself

Why We Sing

Christmas Choir Competition 2019

Home Learning

Follow the links below for free Music activities and resources that you can access at home.

To help with the rhythms and routines of your new daily life, Out of the Ark Music seven songs, one for each day, all with challenges and activities related to each song.

To quote Out of the Ark Music: “Music has an extraordinary power to bring us together, it can lift us when we feel low, us when we feel tired, and is something we all have in common.”

“Animations of some of the best-known traditional nursery rhymes, mainly sung by BBC Children’s TV presenters, with music that your children will love. 

“BBC Primary Music takes a cross-curricular approach, with music objectives explored in relation to popular infant topics or related areas of the curriculum.” 

“Dances for each of the four elements have been choreographed to different pieces of classical JS Bach, Karl Jenkins, Aaron Copland, Johann Strauss, Claude Debussy and John Adams.” 

“If you’re self-isolating or caring for children at home with schools closed these simple ideas will help keep little ones occupied while encouraging them to explore and learn about music.” 

“Exploration of the main musical elements examples.” 

“Explore the stories and secrets hidden in these classical pieces of music. For each piece you will find free teaching resources, exciting short films, lesson plans, arrangements and more.”  


You can join in with any of the following clips and sing along with Mr Hawkins. 

Something Just Like This

Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Shout to the Lord
Shout to the Lord all the Earth,
let us singPower and majesty, praise to the KingMountains bow down and
the seas will roarAt the sound of Your name
I sing for joy at the
work of Your handsForever I'll love You, forever I'll standNothing compares to the promise I have In You