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In the event of the school needs to close or year groups need to partially close, you can use the links below to help support your child/children working from home. There is also additional information on your child's Class Page which will be updated as required.


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How to access google classrooms.

Attendance during remote learning.

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Remote Learning - Guidance for parents

Our Saint Anne's Curriculum.

We would like all children to do up to 3 hours of work if they are in Keystage 1 and 4 hours if they are in Keystage 2

. This means that they can:

  • Read their reading book every day or find extra reading resources from the Oak National Academy Virtual LibraryFirst News and Monkey Pen. 
  • Complete work using the following resources:
  • Stationery Pack
  • Mathematics lessons in text books(CGP) and White Rose Maths Workbooks 
  • Comprehension and reading activities text books(CGP)
  • Grammar Spelling and punctuation text books(CGP)
  • Handwriting books(CGP) 

We would also like your child to try and participate in at least 1 hour of physical exercise a day where possible. 

Year One Home Learning - Spring Term 1, 2022

Friday 14th January 2022

 Hello Year One.


Please see the following Timetable to help guide you through your Home Learning today:

Year One Timetable - Friday 14th January 2022


 Today we are going to practice counting forwards and backwards and writing numbers to 20.

Watch the video below and then try to complete the activities below:


Count Forwards and Backwards to 20 Video

Maths Activities - Friday 14th January 2022


 Remember to practise your Spellings today.

You can record the words in your Spellings list for this week and see how many are correct!

148 Spelling Bee Illustrations & Clip Art - iStock



Yesterday we wrote sentences about our favourite story character, from our focus text, 'George Saves the World By Lunchtime' by Jo Readman.

George Saves The World By Lunchtime (George and Flora):  Readman, Dr Jo, Roberts, Ley Honor: 9781903919507: Books


Today we would like you to write full sentences, including capital letters, finger spaces and full stops, to retell a part of our story, ‘George Saves the World by Lunchtime’.

 We have previously created our own story map for our text and today we would like you to choose a section of the story to write about.


You can draw pictures to show your chosen part of the story and then write sentences to match your pictures.

You can use the outline below to help you, or record your pictures and sentences on your own piece of paper:

Writing Template




Our focus Values for this half term are ‘Curious and Active’.

This means that we are growing to be Curious about everything; and Active in our engagement with the world, changing what we can for the better.


As we continue through the month of January, the first month of a new year, we would like you to reflect upon our focus Values today and think about how you could be a follower of Jesus through your words and actions.


You can use the response sheet below to help you, or record your ideas on your own piece of paper:

RE Lesson Instructions

RE Recording Sheet




We have been reading the story, ‘George Saves the World by Lunchtime’ by Jo Readman.  The main character, George (and his pet dog!) wear a green cape!

George Saves The World By Lunchtime (George and Flora):  Readman, Dr Jo, Roberts, Ley Honor: 9781903919507: Books

During this half term, we are going to take on the role of superheroes and complete work in our school grounds and local area.

 In preparation for this special challenge, we would like you to begin to plan and design your own superhero cape!

We will then make these in a few weeks time!


You can use the instructions and planning sheets below to help you with this task, or you can record your ideas on your own piece of paper:

Topic Lesson Instructions

Superhero Cape Planning Sheet

Superhero Cape Design Sheet

Thursday 13th January 2022


Hello Year One.


Please see the following Timetable to help guide you through your Home Learning today:

Year One Timetable - Thursday 13th January 2022



 We have been exploring 2D and 3D shapes during our Maths lessons so far this half term.

The following Shape challenges will help you to use and reflect upon what you have used in this unit of work...


Make A Shape Picture

Use 2D shapes to create your own shape picture.

You could include triangles, squares, rectangles and circles in your picture.   You could also included pentagons or hexagons!

You could use these shapes to help you to draw a house, a train, a rocket, a flower...on a piece of paper.

2D shape bingo | Teaching Resources

We would love to see your pictures when you return to school!


Make A Shape Pattern

We have explored creating repeating patterns during this week.

Can you draw your own repeating pattern, using the shapes above?


You can add colours to your pattern and use two shapes.

7 2D Shape Activities ideas | 2d shapes, 2d shapes activities, shapes  activities

You could then try to create a pattern using three shapes, to make it a bit more tricky!


Go On A Shape Hunt

You can go on a Shape Hunt at home! 

Look for any examples of 2D or 3D shapes that you can find - draw your findings and label the shapes that you see.




We have been exploring the book, 'George Saves the World by Lunchtime' by Jo Readman, during our English lessons this half term.



Today we would like you to choose your favourite character from the story.  Remember, we have met George, his sister Flora, Grandpa and Mum.


You can remind yourself of these characters and what they look like, by looking at their pictures here:

Story Characters


Choose your favourite character from the story and draw a picture of them.

Write sentences about your chosen character and explain why they are your favourite. 


Remember to start each new sentence with a capital letter and also use a capital letter for the name of your chosen character.

Remember to include finger spaces in your writing and include a full stop at the end of your sentence.

If you could use the word 'because' in your sentence, that would be fantastic!


For example:


My favourite character is Grandpa because he has lots of good ideas.

My favourite character is Grandpa because he helps George.


You could then choose a different character and write sentences about your next choice!


We would love to see your writing when we are back at school together!




We have been completing our final pieces of work in our Christmas RE Unit. 

We have listened to and explored the story of the Annunciation; which tells the story of Angel Gabriel visiting Mary to bring her the news that she will have a baby.

We also celebrated the Feast of the Epiphany last week, when we remembered the journey and visit of the Wise Men to baby Jesus.


Today we would like you to retell the Christmas Story.

You can use the pictures and word bank below to support you. 

There is also a story board that you can use to help you, or you can record your sentences on your own piece of paper.


Christmas Story Pictures

Christmas Story - Story Board Template

Christmas Story Word Bank


As an additional task, imagine that you were in the stable with Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus.

How would you feel?  What do you think you might see or say?


You can use the following writing frame to support you, or record your responses on your own piece of paper.


RE Stable Reflection



Our Topic this half term is 'You're My Hero'.

You can find an overview of what we will be exploring during this Topic in the overview document below:

You're My Hero Topic - Curriculum Overview


superhero-action-words-sharlis-hero – Highland Editorial Services


This week we will be beginning our new Science unit, 'Animals Including Humans'.

Today we would like you to record what you already know about Humans.

Think about...


Which parts of the body you know? – You could draw an outline picture of yourself and label this using key words.


Which parts of the body do we associate with our Senses?  Do you know what our five Senses are?


What you think that Humans need in order to keep healthy? For example, which types of food, drink, which activities could they do?


If you were to give a superhero advice about how to stay healthy in order to complete all of their special work, what would you say?


You can also record what you would like to find out during our unit and any questions you would like to ask.


We will revisit all of your recordings at the end of our unit and see what new information that you now know!


You can use the recording sheet below to help you, or record your responses and ideas on your own piece of paper:


Science Recording Sheet - 13.1.2022



Click on the tabs below to access a range of online resources to support your home learning. You can also access different resources on your Child's Class Page. 

Click on the links below to visit these webpages for resources: 

Oak National Academy

BBC Bitesize

Earth & Space

First News

Below are resources to support your child to learn their phonics sounds. We use Read, Write Inc to teach phonics in school, but the other websites are also a useful tool to support your child's phonics learning and early reading. 

Read, Write Inc 

Phonics Play

Phonics Bloom

Phonics Play Comics

Below are resources which will support your child's learning of the basic skills in maths as well as support for specific teaching in Maths. 

White Rose Maths Home Learning

Times Tables Rockstars- For years 2-6 to rehearse Times Tables Facts.

Numbots- For Reception and other year groups to rehearse counting skills and number bonds facts.

MyMaths- Lessons and activities related to children's classroom learning 

Hit the button- A fun game where children can practice times tables facts and number bonds facts. 

Corbett Maths- Children answer 5 questions daily to support their number facts knowledge

E-Learning for Kids- A website with range of games and activities for children to rehearse maths skills

Below are a range of web pages to support your learning for science and topic. Also check the Class Pages for more information. 

Practical Action Home Learning -    A website with a range of STEM activities that you can complete at home.

 BBC Schools Radio Primary History - This resource offers a range of audio and video clips for children to engage with.

Science at Home from the Royal Society- has free resources, activities and videos for you to use to support your learning at home. 

E-Learning page: E-Learning Environment Skills  E-Learning Science

Show Me- Show Me Science Show Me Art Show Me History