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We are delighted to welcome your child to the St Anne’s family.


I would like to welcome both you and your child to the Saint Anne’s family. I am looking forward to work with you and your child as they begin the first stage of their learning journey at Saint Anne’s.

The Reception team consists of Mrs. Dhillon Mrs. Ward and Mrs. Rollins.

Together we will support your child’s learning and encourage them to become independent learners throughout this year. If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to speak to one of us and we will be happy to help!

Each day in Reception, your child will be completing a number of exciting activities that will help them to develop their skills and work towards achieving the 17 Early Learning Goals:

Prime Areas


Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Making Relationships

Self-confidence and self-awareness

Managing feelings and

Physical Development

Moving and handling

Health and self-care

Communication and Language

Listening and attention



Specific Areas







Shape, space and measure

Understanding the World

People and communities

The world


Expressive Arts and Design

Exploring and using media and materials

Being imaginative


Key Information

Our PE lessons will take place every Tuesday afternoon. Please ensure that your child’s PE kit is clearly labelled with their name and in school on this day every week.

Please remember to sign your child’s planner every night and check for any important messages or letters that it contains.

We are looking forward to work closely with you and your child during the year ahead.


What you can do to help your child at home:

  • Reading their home reading books every day.
  • Reading books from home and reading other types of print – comics, newspapers, magazines, posters, leaflets.
  • formation and writing: sentences, shopping lists, news about their weekend.
  • formation.
  • sets of objects, thinking about what one more and one less than a number would be.
  • Looking for shapes in the world around them.

Our Learning

Find out what we will be learning during the year in our Curriculum Overviews:

Home Learning Tasks to be completed- Set By Mrs. Dhillon

Set on Week Beginning 20th April 

Set week Beginning 27th April

Set on Week Beginning 4th May 

Don't forget to share your models with us through twitter @stannespri. We would love to see your models! 

Set on Week Beginning 11th May

We would love to see your gardens!  You can share your work with us through twitter @stannespri.

Set on Week Beginning 18th May 

Spelling Task- Week Beginning 18th May

Maths Task - White Rose Maths Hub-

Day 1 -

Day 2-

Day 3-

Day 4-

Day 5-

Set on Week Beginning 1st June

Spelling Task- Week Beginning 1st June 2020

English Task- Talk for Writing Booklet (2 weeks) - Mouse's Adventure-

Maths task- White Rose Maths Hub

Day 1-

Day 2-

Day 3-

Day 4-

Day 5-

Topic Challenge - Can you use some play dough to create a mini-beast? 

We would love to see your mini-beasts!  You can share your work with us through twitter @stannespri.

Set on Week beginning 8th June

Spelling Task- Week Beginning 8th June

Maths Task- Week Beginning 8th June

Activity 1-

  1. Halving 
  2. Match the halves to make a whole

Activity 2-

  1. Find a half
  2. Colour in half of these shapes.

Activity 3-

    1. Halving a number 
    2. Halving activity sheet

Activity 4-

  1. Sharing Halving
  2. Share the cupcakes

Activity 5-

  1. Enjoy this sharing game at

Set on Week beginning 15th June

Spelling Task- Week Beginning 15th June

English task- Talk4Writing booklet (2 weeks) - Max's Jungle Adventures

Maths Task- White Rose Maths 

Day 1- Monday 15th June

Day 2- Tuesday 16th June

Day 3 - Wednesday 17th June

Day 4- Thursday 18th June

Day 5- Friday 19th June

Set on Week beginning 22nd June

Spelling Task - Week Beginning 22nd June

English Task - Talk4writing (2 weeks)- Max's Jungle Adventures

Maths Task- Please refer to the White Rose Home Learning Resources, Week 9 to support you: looking at the sections: Summer Term - Week 9 (22nd June). 

Day 1- Monday 22nd June

Day 2 - Tuesday 23rd June

Day 3 - Wednesday 24th June

Day 4- Thursday 25th June

Day 5- Friday 26th June

National School Sports week - 

This week is 'National School Sports Week'. Check out 'OUR LEARNING' section of our school website to find out more about this event and how you can get involved at home. Have fun!

Set on week beginning 29th June

Spelling Task- Week Beginning 29th June

Maths Task- Please refer to the White Rose Home Learning Resources, Week 9 to support you: looking at the sections: Summer Term - Week 10 (29th June). 

Day 1- Monday 29th June

Day 2- Tuesday 30th June

Day 3- Wednesday 1st July

Day 4- Thursday 2nd July

Day 5- Friday 3rd July

Set on week beginning 06th July 

Spelling Task- Week Beginning 6th July

English Task- Talk for Writing- Rainy-day Rabbit (2 weeks).

Maths Task- Please refer to the White Rose Home Learning Resources, Week 9 to support you: looking at the sections: Summer Term - Week 11 (6th July).

Day 1- Monday 6th July

Day 2- Tuesday 7th July

Day 3 - Wednesday 8th July

Day 4- Thursday 9th July

Day 5- Friday 10th July


Optional Home Learning Packs

Early Years Pack 1- 

Early Years Pack 2-

Hungry Little Minds- 

Live Phonics Sessions

  • More about our learning in Reception



Class teachers may set additional tasks for your children to complete through the following links alongside the CGP books and reading everyday in the event of a shutdown for the Corona Virus or self isolation of your child. Some of these links have also been added as class/key stage specific. You can also view many more resources and projects on our Home Learning Page. We also encourage you to share some of your child's home learning through twitter, our handle is @stannespri.

Starting Monday 23rd March, every day for two weeks.

  • Set 1 Speed Sounds at 9.30 am and again at 12.30 pm
  • Set 2 Speed Sounds at 10.00 am and again at 1.00 pm
  • Set 3 Speed Sounds at 10.30 am and again at 1.30 pm

Access to our school phonics page where we have some resources at the bottom of the page.

Drawing ‘The Rainbow Fish’ using chalk in our outdoor area.

Making porridge in our mud kitchen.