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Year 2 Gallery

Take a look at the fantastic work we have been doing in Year Two. 


Our Altar in our classroom provides us with a focal point for prayer.

In our liturgy and prayer sessions, we learnt about the lives of Jesus’ disciples.                 We discussed what we can do to be a disciple of Jesus at play, at school and at home. We reflected on different ways to show that we are following Jesus.



As part of our topic, we learnt all about plants. We made our own green houses to grow our bean plants when investigating what plants need to grow. We found out that plants need water, soil and the right temperature to grow.


We celebrated ‘National Poetry Day’ on 6th of October.

This year's theme was 'The Environment' and Year 2 focused on creating their own weather poems. We created poems about the sun, titled ‘Flaming Sun’ and clouds titled ‘What’s floating by?’  


Our art work inspired by our class artist ‘Vincent van Gogh’.



Excellent money work in Year 2!