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Science - Habitats

In science, we have been focusing on living things and their habitats. We discussed what things all living organisms need, focusing specifically on invertebrates (woodlice). We then have designed our own habitats using local materials. Here are our results! 




Liturgy and Prayer

In our liturgy and prayer sessions, we celebrated the Feast day of Saint Francis of Assisi. We looked into how he was a steward of our environment and followed Catholic Social Teachings. We listened to a time when people were not being stewards of the environment and how God reacted to this through the story of Noah and the Ark. We reflected on sins we had made and when we had not been stewards. We wrote these down on our hands and washed away our sins, the same way God had cleansed the earth with his great flood. This washing away of our writing showed us that God had forgiven our sins. 




Science - Digestion

 In science this half term,  we have been focusing on the human body. In the lesson pictured below we managed to model our own digestive system using tights, bananas, biscuits and a zip-lock bag. We eventually made our own waste material!




P.E - Gymnastics

Year 3 have been working with our gymnastics coach, Mr Porter, to develop our fundamental skills. We have practiced different types of sits such as a pike sit. We have also worked on our flexibility to create bridges and even practice headstands!




Computing - Coding

 In Computing this half term, we have focused on sequencing sound.  We used the coding programme, Scratch, to write our own algorithm so that the instrument displayed on screen played the coded music when requested. 





Geography - Passport Day

Year 3 enjoyed a fabulous day visiting all the different countries around school.  Highlights included; making and tasting salsa with Mr Edmunds, creating origami animals with Miss Sullivan and learning Jamaican words with Miss Battick.