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 Earth Day 2020 - Wednesday 22nd April 

This week marks the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day and 2020 marks the first Digital Earth Day. 

Earth Day, which was established in 1970 in the US, is celebrated on 22nd April each year. It is a day to think about our planet and what we can do to keep it special; to think about saving water and energy, reducing pollution, recycling, protecting our animals, trees and plants, and generally getting kids interested in protecting their environment.

The theme for Earth Day 2020 is climate action. 


What changes do you want to see in the world post COVID-19?

We would like you to share your thoughts with us in writing, poetry, art or videos and you can share it with us on twitter @stannespri.

 Thanking god 

Let’s come together in song as we praise God on Earth Day 2020 for all his creations. Listening to this song is a nice way for us to be thankful for God's creations.

 ACTIVITY ideas 

Here are some ideas for you

 Plant a tree or a flower to care for in your garden.

 Bake your favourite cookie or biscuit and let the children decorate with icing to look like the planet earth.

 Go on an Earth Day scavenger hunt — Make a list of items for your child to collect outdoors, such as rocks, leaves, flowers and sticks. Once all the items on the list have been gathered, talk about what role they play and how they impact the surrounding environment.

 Create a bird feeder - Place a bird feeder outside (or make your own with pine cones, peanut butter and bird seed) and observe the different species that eat from it.

 Spend time outdoors as a family - Enjoy a walk around the garden, exercise, explore or have a picnic.

 Make an Earth Day goal list — Get together as a family and make a list of goals you all want to accomplish that relate to the environment.

 Reuse recycled materials for an eco-friendly art project — Turn a tin can into a kitchen compost bucket, create hanging planters with plastic bottles or make a collage with paper from the recycling bin — the options are endless!

 Create a diagram of the water cycle. You could use paint, colouring pencils, chalks outside on a patio, natural materials such as leaves and twigs, collage materials or dried pasta and lentils to create your diagram. 

Create your own podcast or video explaining the water cycle.


Here are some external links

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 Make your very own cress heads and watch them grow!  (Cbeebies Clip)


 The water cycle 

The water cycle is the journey water takes as it moves from the land to the sky and back again. The movement of water around our planet is vital to life as it supports plants and animals. Powered by the Sun, the water cycle is happening all the time.