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Celebrating the power of sport to bring people together

Right now, young people are missing their friends and missing the sense of connection they get from enjoying sport and play. Millions of young people will be without a school sports day this summer. This year we want to unite the whole country – families, schools, sport and businesses –in a celebration of the power of sport to bring people together to capture the enjoyment, challenge and camaraderie they are missing out on.

Each day, will give you a different challenge to do either on your own or with your family. You can choose the level of challenge that you want to do. We want you to challenge yourself in the activity and then capture yourself doing the activity. Share your videos or images on the school Twitter page @stannespri and use the hashtags #NSSWtogether. We will link to the School Games Values for you to consider how you live out this value in your physical activity and in your daily life. We will ask you to consider 5 well-being goals while you do the activities.

Monday Athletics Track and Field

School Games Value:

Well being goals:

1. Be Active - Take part in individual skills challenges / events. Can you go faster, higher, stronger?

2. Connect - Encourage each other to improve your Personal Bests (PBs).

3. Give back - Show your acts of kindness through support for each other.

4. Take notice - Make a note of the progress and improvement you each make.

5. Learn - Learn new skills and see self-improvement through preparation and practice.


Speed bounce

This will certainly get your heart racing. How many times can you jump side to side in 60 seconds?



How many people could you challenge to do speed bounce at the same time?

Can you support each other to improve your personal best?

Tuesday Aiming Sports

School Games Value: 

Well being goals:

1. Be Active - Practise target and rally games. How many can you do? Can you improve your personal best?

2. Connect - Work together to achieve a shared goal or score.

3. Give back - Know yourself and how you can make a difference to help others.

4. Take notice - Take notice of the target and goal you are working towards.

5. Learn - Develop your hand-eye coordination and aiming, as well as patience and control.

In the box 

Create a box shape in your garden or use an actual box if you have one. How far away from the box can you get and still land your ball on target? Challenge yourself to improve your personal best.


What is the highest score you can achieve together in a set time?

How many can you do or how far can you go without stopping?

Can you work together to improve your score over three attempts?

Wednesday Team Sports

School Games Value: 

Well being goals:

1. Be Active - Take part in team challenges?

2. Connect- Work together as part of a team.

3. Give back - Recreate that sense of belonging. What does it feel like to be part of a team?

4. Take notice - Take notice of what it feels like to achieve as a team.

5. Learn - Develop your passing, kicking and coordination skills. Don’t forget the importance of teamwork.

Fast feet 

Set yourself a marker at a set distance away from you. How many times can you dribble a ball around a marker and back in 60 seconds? Does this improve when you are part of a team? Try using different types of ball. Try using more than one marker or setting the marker at different distances.


How many can you do without stopping?

Can you work together to improve over three attempts?

Can you adapt the challenge to make it more creative or encourage more family members to be involved?

Thursday Adventure Sports

School Games Value: 

Well being goals:

1. Be Active- Find new trails to explore and set yourself a personal challenge to beat.

2. Connect- Get ready for an adventure. Use your chosen event to explore what is around you. Try something new together

3. Give back- Share your experiences with others. Involve your family, friends and neighbours in your activities.

4. Take notice- Take notice of your environment. Use this as an opportunity to learn more about your surroundings.

5. Learn- Challenge yourself to learn more about your limits and find creative ways to improve.

Race across the river

Set a distance for you to cross which will be your “river”. Using only two flat objects can you cross the river without touching the floor? Challenge yourself to find new ways to move, can you get faster?


Creativity is key, challenge yourself to set up exciting routes and give them a try. Time yourself from start to finish, then try to improve your time. Find new creative ways to move, test your limits to improve.

Friday Artistic Sports

School Games Value: 

Well being goals:

1. Be Active- Get creative and come up with fun new activities to try!

2. Connect- Create activities to perform together.

3. Give back- Take part in your activities for pure entertainment. Have fun and put a smile on everyone’s face.

4. Take notice- Take notice of your own and others’ creativity. Be proud and have fun trying something new.

5. Learn- Learn to choreograph and use your imagination. Challenge yourself to be creative.

Partner Dance

Find a partner and have fun. Either copy this dance or get creative and choreograph your own.


Can you support each other to try new activities? Pick your favourite song and choreograph a new routine.

Showcase your performances and hold up scores like you are on Strictly Come Dancing! Don’t forget to share top tips to help someone improve

National School Sport Week at Home 2020 Activity Ideas

Other activities you can enjoy at home focusing on athletics, aiming sports, team sports, adventure sports and artistic sports. You can access a wide range of activities here.

When you click on the activity in the booklet it takes you to a link which demonstrates the activities. 

Celebrate through National Cricket Week! 

Chance to Shine have been working hard to put together a full week of different cricket-themed activities for those in school and for those at home! They will be releasing more info throughout the next couple of weeks, but in the meantime, mark it in the diary.


Thank you for taking part in the National School Sports Week 2020.

If you have taken part at home, you can download your certificate here.